Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've booked my Wacky party what next?
You will be sent a confirmation email that will give you your booking reference number (Keep safe!). Please check all your party details are correct. Also check your personal details in case our team need to contact you, make a note of the contact details for your Wacky Warehouse. Then relax and look forward to your Wacky Warehouse party.

2. Can I make changes to my booking?
Yes, you can make changes (up to 48 hours before your party) – Simply telephone or visit your venue, quote your booking reference number (on your booking confirmation email) and our staff will happily amend your booking.

Please note:
All changes must be made up to 48 hours before your party. Unfortunately after this time we are unable to make any changes due to having organised staff, ordered all the food and party bags.

3. Can I cancel my party?
We know that you will only cancel if there is a very good reason and so we will do our best to help you cancel if that’s what you need to do. Unfortunately the deposit paid is not refundable as this covers the cost of administration and the fact that the slot has been blocked to other guests, however if you would like to re-schedule your party we can move the deposit across to the new booking if you speak to your Wacky Warehouse venue. You will need your booking reference number which you will find on your booking confirmation email or on your account page, this will help the team identify your party.

Less than 48 hours before the day of the party:
Unfortunately, within 48 hours, because we have organised staffing ordered food, etc. we are unable to cancel parties.

More than 2 days before the day of the party:
Because our payment provider is a third party, unfortunately you can’t cancel online. However, as long as it is more than 48 hours before the day of the party, you can telephone or visit your Wacky Warehouse party venue and our team will cancel your booking. If you cancel your party, unless you re-book for a new date, you will lose your deposit (see above).

4. Why do you say that face painting is not recommended for under 3's?
The skin of the under 3's is extremely sensitive and, although we use professional – quality face paints that are hypoallergenic, we do not recommend face painting 1 and 2 year olds in case of an allergic reaction. (Also 1 and 2 year olds are extremely wriggly and who knows where the paint would end up!).

5. Why do you say that temporary tattoos are not recommended for under 3's?
The skin of the under 3's is extremely sensitive and, although we use professional – quality temporary tattoos, we do not recommend application to 1 and 2 year olds in case of an allergic reaction.

6. What is the minimum number of children that I need for a party?
The minimum number required is 10 children. The maximum number will vary from venue to venue – just give yours a call to find out the most that you can have.

7. Do you cater for under 3's?
Yes! We do lots of parties for under 3's, your party host will tailor the games and songs for your guests. Party Bags can be amended for under 3s. We know that we can expect more parents to attend under 3 parties and we will our best to accommodate everyone at a table and chairs – however, at busy times this may prove difficult. A top tip is to book an under 3 party before 3pm on week days in term times – this way your Wacky Warehouse will be much quieter.

8. Will you cut my cake and provide napkins?
Yes – whether you order a Wacky cake, or bring your own, we will happily cut up your cake for you, put into napkins and put into the party bags – all part of the service!

9. What drinks do you provide at parties?
We provide an unlimited supply of Robinsons No-Added-Sugar squash for your party. If parents attend, we have a full range of hot and cold drinks for sale.

10. What happens if a child does not turn up?
Unfortunately, if a child does not turn up, we cannot refund any money as we have blocked out the play space and ordered food/party bags for all the children. You can make changes to your party up to 48 hours before the party if you contact the Wacky Warehouse venue, but no changes can be made within 48 hours.

11. Will there be seats available for the adults?
We will reserve a couple of tables and some chairs for adults but we have to be fair to our guests that pay for a general play too. If the children are old enough to be left with the allocated adults (one per 5 children) and the party host, but the parents don’t want to leave site, we will happily set up a table near the Wacky in our pub restaurant and they can order food and drinks if they wish. Your guests will also receive, on their child's invitation, a voucher for 1 free hot drink to use in the pub restaurant.

12. Can you cater for dietary needs?
Yes – we can cater for most needs. Please complete the comments/special instructions box on the booking form to advise us. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our products are produced in a completely nut-free environment and so care will need to be taken with nut allergies.

13. What is in the party bags?
Our party bags contain, an activity booklet, stickers, crayons, a pot of bubbles (for over 3's), a small pack of sweets, again age-appropriate, and a free play voucher (worth at least £3.50).

14. Can I bring extra children to the party?
If you know about the extra children more than 48 hours before the party, you can make changes by telephoning or calling in to your Wacky venue. Within 48 hours this cannot be guaranteed but we are very happy to accommodate you, if we can. So just telephone or call into your venue and ask the team and if they can help, they will. Any siblings or friends that have not been booked onto the party, but just want to play, will have to be bought a general admission on the day.

15. So how does the exclusive fee work?
At some of our Wacky Warehouse sites there is an option to have exclusive use of the Wacky Warehouse. That's right you get the whole Wacky Warehouse to yourselves, so your kids can enjoy running around just with their friends. So the £50 exclusive use fee works like this... you have to have a minimum of 10 children to have an exclusive party. The £50 fee will not be charged when you book but will be payable on the day of your party along with any extra food or drink you may decide to order on the day.

16. Can I book more than 1 party or a party with a wacky card & tickets to an event?

So there are 2 questions here...

Can you book more than one party?
We would love you to book more than one party, however to deal with these requests, we would like to separate both of these very special parties. So rather than adding multiple parties to your basket, book the soonest party, complete the check out process and then select another type of party. If you have setup an account the system will remember all your details to save you entering them again. Alternatively feel free to complete your soonest party booking and then give us a call for that more personal service.

Can I book a party, Wacky Card & ticket to an event?
Sure you can, we would love to welcome you to play regularly with a Wacky Card from as little as –10 per child and also let you enjoy one of our great special themed events, whilst still being able to book that special party on your child's birthday or for a special occasion. So feel free to add each of these items to your basket and check out. You will get a confirmation for your party, a voucher to redeem for a Wacky Card in venue and then a ticket to the special event you have booked, it couldn't be simpler

17. New Parties, I booked a Classic, Evening, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Ultimate party what happens?
You will still be able to have the party that you chose, but if you would like to change on to one of the new party packages please contact your Wacky Warehouse to arrange. They will happily organise this for you.