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We've been working hard behind the scenes at Greene King to make sure that when we reopen our Wacky's, we make them as safe as possible, whilst also following the latest government guidelines.

That’s why we’ve developed 5 key promises to you, our loyal customers, as well as our dedicated teams, to keep everybody safe. We also have some small but important rules and requests for our customers which will help us look after everyone in our play areas.


We’re all in this together, after all. It’s all part of our new PLAY SAFE scheme, which we’ve launched in all of our Wacky Warehouses and are displaying proudly, so that wherever you see the logo, you know we’re doing everything we can to protect both you and our teams.


Here are some of the ways we've made Wacky a safe place to play:

 In order to maintain the safety of our guests and team, we will be running three daily play sessions with a full clean in between each session -  each play session is 2 hours

2) All guests will need to be booked in before they can enter the play areas, pre-booking your play before arrival is mandatory
3) All ball pits, toys and soft furnishings have been removed in order to reduce shared contact surfaces
4) Multiple hand sanitising stations have been installed throughout the play area for our guests and team to use
5) All sessions will be limited to 40% capacity, including adults
6) Children are encouraged to follow a one way system through the play frame
7) All team members must now undergo a daily health check upon arriving to work
In order to assist with the above safety measures, we ask that you follow the below guides:
1) If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 please save your play for another day
2) Leave any unnecessary personal items at home or in the car
3) One household per table at one time
4) Do not bring any food or drink with you into the venue
5) Please order food in the first hour of play to allow time to eat before the session ends
6) Please make use of the Greene King app when ordering food and drink - Play Pass holders to order at the till
7) Supervising adults to remain seated at the table where possible
8) Parents to ensure children wash their hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided throughout the play area and maintain safe social distancing



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WE’RE ENSURING SAFE SOCIALISING BY…                                                  

Following the latest social distancing government guidelines                                                       

Marking them out to help customers and our teams use them                                                   

Allowing you to book a table before you visit, so you know you have a safe space to enjoy it           

Laying out tables to ensure safe spacing                                                 

Managing and monitoring queues to make them as smooth and easy as possible                          

Signposting our toilets, meticulously cleaning them and following social distancing measures                                               


WE’RE ASKING YOU TO…                                                          

Follow these social distancing measures so everyone can enjoy their time with us.


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WE’VE INTRODUCED PLAY SAFE MONITORS WHO…                                                        

Check everyone is safe                                                 

Are responsible for additional cleaning and making sure tables are cleared properly                                                        


YOU CAN HELP US BY…                                                       

Letting the PUB SAFE monitor know if you have any concerns or questions during your visit


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Training them by following the latest government guidelines for safe working                             

Giving them everything they need to work safely, including training on social distancing and hand hygiene                                                    

Temperature checking them at the start of every shift                                                   

Carrying out full risk assessments on our soft play areas                                                


YOU CAN DO YOUR PART BY…                                                      

Respecting our teams and any requests they have, to keep everyone safe


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WE’RE PROMOTING GOOD HAND HYGIENE BY…                                                            

Having hand sanitisers at entrances and throughout the play area                                                         

Regularly checking and sanitising handwashing facilities in toilets                                                           

Making sure there is hand sanitiser available where tills are accepting cash                                                                      


Please maintain your own personal hand hygiene to protect everyone                                                                          


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WE’RE MINIMISING CONTACT BY…                                                


Asking customers to use our Order & Pay app and contactless payment methods                                                           

Using screens around our tills to protect both you and our teams                                                         

Delivering food & drink to your table in the safest way possible                                                 

Using disposable menus, so they can be recycled after your visit or taken home to use for your next takeaway order                                 

Displaying all allergen information online for our food, so you can check it from your own device                                                  


PLEASE HELP US BY…                                                

Using the technology we have available to minimise contact with our teams wherever possible


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Please make use of our Greene King Order & Pay app when ordering food and drink in the Wacky. Be sure to place your food order in the first hour of your play session to allow enough time to eat your meal. Those with Play Passes, please order your food from the till in order to utalise your 10% discount.