Pub safe refund promise

  1. This year has been like no other and so it will come as no surprise to you that all of our bookings are subject to government guidelines. If government advice changes and we need to make any updates to our guidance and booking policies, we will do so here on our website. So please check back to ensure that you have the most up to date detail - for your and our teams’ safety.
  2. If you need to cancel due to Covid-19 symptoms:

2.1.      If any of your party (or your whole group) need to cancel or amend your booking due to Covid-19 symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible. We ask that you give us as much notice as you can and we will aim to move your booking where possible to a new date. If this is not possible, we will refund your deposit/full payment.

  1. If we need to cancel due to pub closure:

3.1.      If we are unable to honour your booking due to the pub being closed then we will give you as much notice as possible and, if we can’t guarantee a new opening date or you are not happy to re-book in the future, we will of course give you a full refund on your deposit and any other payments you have made.

  1. If government rules lead to cancellation:

4.1.      If your booking can no longer go ahead due to changes in government rules (e.g. party size is larger than allowed for group gatherings), we can either move your booking to a new future date and then review rules again nearer the time, or we can offer a full refund on your deposit and any other payments you have made.

  1. Refund process:

5.1.      Refunds will be made either to your card or onto a gift card to spend with us when you are able to get together once more. Refunds and gift card loading can only be managed by a member of our team in pub so please contact the pub in the first instance to discuss.


Play Passes terms and conditions 

  1. Available from 4th August 2021. Children must be under 12 and below 1.45m in order to play.
  2. 1 month play pass cost £12 per child. 25% discount will be applied to total cost when 2 or more 1 month play passes are purchased per household, up to a maximum of 5 play passes.
  3. 6 month play passes cost £60 per child.
  4. Each play pass entitles the child/children to one play session per day for the duration of pass validity.
  5. Registered childminders can purchase play passes for up to 4 children for £25. Proof of registration must be presented.
  6. Play pass holders are entitled to 10% off food and drink in any Wacky Warehouse and associated pub restaurant. Play passes must be presented when placing your order. Discount is not valid against parties and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.
  7. Play sessions may be limited to 1 hour during busy periods.
  8. Play passes are purchased per child and cannot be transferred.
  9. Play passes can only be used at participating venues and must be presented before each play session.
  10. You must look after your play pass as they cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Copied, forwarded or damaged play passes will not be accepted.
  11. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, daily deal, promotion or discount including Greene King team member and friends & family discounts.
  12. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the offer at any time.
  13. These terms are governed by English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  14. Promoter: Wacky Warehouse, Greene King Brewing & Retailing Ltd, Sunrise House, Ninth Avenue, Burton upon Trent, DE14 3JZ.


Play Rules 

  1. Children must not eat, drink or chew gum in the Wacky Warehouse playframe.
  2. Children must remove their shoes, glasses (unless they are shatterproof) and any jewellery, badges or other sharp objects before entering the Wacky Warehouse. Children must wear socks in the Wacky Warehouse.
  3. Children should not wear loose clothing or ties that may get caught in the play equipment and cause injury.
  4. Glasses must not be brought into the Wacky Warehouse or reception and area surrounding the Wacky Warehouse. Plastic cups are available for use in the reception and the area surrounding the Wacky Warehouse.
  5. Play sessions may be limited to 1 hour during busy periods.


Coffee & Cake Offer terms and conditions 

  1. Illustrations are for guidance only.
  2. Offer entitles customer to one regular hot drink and one slice of cake, muffin or traybake for £2.99 from the range available in the Wacky Warehouse.
  3. Cake selection is subject to availability, please ask for today’s choice.
  4. Products and offers are subject to availability at the price point advertised.
  5. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time. Manager’s decision is final.
  6. Promoter: Wacky Warehouse, Greene King Brewing and Retailing Ltd, Sunrise House, Ninth Avenue, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 3JZ 


Parties terms and conditions

  1. Definitions

1.1.      "us" is Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited of Westgate Brewery, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1QT.

1.2.      "You" or the “Organiser" means the person who makes the Party booking and enters into this contract.

1.3.      "Pub" is the premises which is part of the Greene King group and will be holding the Party.

1.4.      "Party" is the event that you book at the Pub, including food and drink charges and Wacky Warehouse charges associated with the event.

1.5.      “Wacky Warehouse” is the play area at the Pub.

1.6.      "Attendees" means all those children and adults who attend a Party.


  1. Basis of Contract

2.1.      These Conditions apply to the booking to the exclusion of any other terms that the Organiser seeks to impose or incorporate, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.

2.2.      A request to book a Party constitutes an offer by the Organiser which shall only be deemed to be accepted when Greene King issues its written acceptance of the request, at which point a contract shall come into existence

2.3.      The contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. The Organiser acknowledges that it has not relied on any statement, promise or representation made or given by us or on behalf of the Pub which is not set out in the contract.

2.4.      Any Party booking request made by someone reasonably purporting to represent the Organiser shall be binding on that Organiser.


  1. Party Details

3.1.      The Party will last for two hours and include one hour of play in the Wacky Warehouse for Attendees who are aged under 12 and who are under 4ft 9 inches (1.45 metres) tall. Attendees over the age and or height restriction are not permitted within the Wacky Warehouse play frame. Additional options depend on the package chosen.

3.2.      The Attendees must include a minimum of 10 children. Some Pubs and party packages may have a maximum number so the Organiser must check that they do not exceed the maximum.

3.3.      The Wacky Warehouse is open to members of the public during the Party, unless you have booked an exclusive use Party (available at selected venues only). At busy times, Pub staff may ask parents/legal guardians who are surplus to the supervision requirements to wait in the Pub restaurant area.


  1. Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos

4.1.      Face painting and Temporary tattoos are only available for Attendees aged three and over with the permission of their parent or legal guardian.

4.2.      We reserve the right to instruct Party hosts to refuse to face paint or apply tattoos to any child who appears unwell or who has a medical condition such as, but not limited to, a cold sore, psoriasis, open wounds, broken skin, conjunctivitis or other eye infections, infected skin, headlice etc. which may be exacerbated by the application of face paints or a temporary tattoo.

4.3.      Use of both face paints and temporary tattoos should cease immediately if an allergic reaction occurs.

4.4.      Face paints are water-based and are removed using soap and water. We will accept no liability for any damage to clothing or property by face paints.

4.5.      Temporary tattoos should not be applied to the face or the neck. They are removed gently using baby oil and may need several applications for complete removal.


  1. Food

5.1.      Whilst our vegetarian options are suitable for vegetarians and we take every care to preserve the integrity of our vegetarian products, these products are handled in a multi-kitchen environment.

5.2.      All food is prepared in an environment that it is not free from nuts, seeds, gluten or lactose and therefore buffet options may contain traces of these allergens.


  1. Cancellation by the Customer

6.1.      In the event of cancellation by the Organiser:

6.1.1.    if you cancel less than 48 hours prior to the Party, you will not receive a refund of the Party cost.

6.1.2.    if you cancel more than 48 hours prior to the Party and do not re-book for a new date, you will receive a refund of the Party cost less the non-refundable deposit.


  1. Cancellation by the Pub

7.1.      We may cancel the booking:

7.1.1.    if the Wacky Warehouse or any part of the Pub premises is closed due to fire, dispute with employees, alteration, decoration or by order of any public authority;

7.1.2.    if the Organiser fails to adhere to any of these terms and conditions.

7.2.      In the event of cancellation by us under paragraph 7.1.1, or by us or the Organiser in accordance with our Pub Safe promise, we will refund any payment made. We will have no further liability to the Organiser.


  1. Changing the booking

8.1.      Changes can be made to a booking up to 48 hours prior to the Party, excluding changes related to pre-selected stock items. No changes can be made less than 48 hours prior to the Party. No refund will be given in respect of children who do not attend the party on less than 48 hours’ notice.


  1. Payment and Credit

9.1.      A non-refundable deposit 20% of the total Party cost is required at the time of booking. All details must be confirmed (including any Attendees with special requirements such as dietary, allergy or mobility) and the remaining balance must be paid at least seven days prior to the Party, or 14 days prior to the Party for bear parties.

9.2.      If payment is to be made either by a credit or charge card this request must be made at the time of booking. The card must be produced by the card signatory prior to or at the Party.

9.3.      Payment by cheque/cash must be made on receipt of the invoice.


  1. Liability and Insurance

10.1.   We will not be liable to Organisers or any Attendees for loss of or damage to property except where and to the extent that such loss or damage is caused directly and wholly by the negligence of the Wacky Warehouse or its employees or agents. All clothing and goods which the Organiser and any Attendees leave in the Pub will be left at their own risk.

10.2.   The Pub is insured against public liability in the normal course. However, where the Pub’s general manager judges that the degree of protection afforded by this policy is insufficient for the degree of risk the Pub undertakes when accepting a booking, he may seek agreement in writing from the Organiser to different terms limiting our liability.

10.3.   The Organiser assumes responsibility for any and all damage caused by them or any of the Attendees attending their Party.

10.4.   Should the Pub agree to the Organiser employing the services of any outside contractor, other than those arranged by the Pub, the Organiser shall indemnify us, and keep us indemnified, against any claims made against us resulting from an act or default by any such contractor, his staff or agents or caused by any equipment supplied by them or others. This indemnity is also to include cover under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Any outside contractor, engaged by the Organiser, must report to the Pub manager and contractors must comply with appropriate legislation including the Fire Precautions Act. The Pub reserves the right to refuse access, without prejudice to any contractor.

10.5.   Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence but the Organiser agrees that consequential loss or damage is not a likely result of our failure to hold the Party.


  1. Customer's Obligations

11.1.   The Organiser shall:

11.1.1.      ensure that children are supervised by a responsible adult at all times;

11.1.2.      report any accidents or injuries to the Party host or another member of Pub staff immediately;

11.1.3.      ensure that there is at least one adult for every five children;

11.1.4.      inform the party host or Pub manager if you want to take photographs of your Party to ensure that other guests are informed to protect their privacy. Ensure that you have permission from the parent or legal guardian of children to take their photograph during the Party;

11.1.5.      ensure that children have permission from their parent or legal guardian to have their face painted or receive a temporary tattoo;

11.1.6.      ensure that children with allergies avoid known allergens such as particular buffet foods, latex balloons etc..

11.1.7.      ensure that Attendees do not commit any nuisance, disturbance or infringement and comply with all reasonable requests of Pub staff;

11.1.8.      comply with all security, fire and other regulations relating to the Pub premises and not commit any illegal acts;

11.1.9.      not carry out any electrical or other works, use their own electrical equipment, or fix anything to the floors, ceilings, walls or any other part of the premises without the prior consent of the Pub;

11.1.10.    not bring any inflammable, noxious or dangerous items on the premises and remove any items promptly when requested by Pub staff;

11.1.11.    not to bring or consume any food or beverages on the Pub premises with the exception of a birthday cake and those items supplied by the Pub;

11.1.12.    not carry any betting, gaming or auction activity on the Pub premises;

11.1.13.    not use the Pub’s name or logo or Wacky Warehouse’s name or logo on promotional or other literature or tickets except in such form as may be provided by the Pub;

11.1.14.    if requested by the Pub supply a list of Attendees to reception, which may be required for security purposes; and

11.1.15.    seek approval from the Pub prior to employing the services of any outside contractor to attend the Party. Contractors associated with Disney or Nickelodeon characters are not permitted.


  1. Data processing

12.1.   Any processing of your personal data by us will be in accordance with our privacy notice available at www.wackywarehouse.co.uk/privacy


  1. Governing law and third parties

13.1.   These terms shall be governed by English law and dealt with exclusively, if necessary, by the English courts.


Wacky Warehouse Roald Dahl Competition Terms and Conditions



Summary Terms and Conditions


Competition open to UK residents only, aged 18+. Entrants must comment their favourite Roald Dahl Book title on the relevant social post on the official Wacky Warehouse Facebook page www.facebook.com/wackywarehouse/. Competition starts at 00.01 on Monday 13th September 2020 and closes at 23.59 on Monday 13th September 2020. One winner will receive a Roald Dahl Book Set. Full terms and conditions are available at www.wackywarehouse.co.uk/terms.Promoter: Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited, Sunrise House, Ninth Avenue, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 3JZ.


Full Terms and Conditions


  1. 1.            This promotion is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 or over only. Employees of the Promoter, their families, agencies, or anyone else professionally connected with this promotion, are not eligible to enter.
  2. 2.            This promotion opens at 09:00 on Monday 13th September 2021 and closes at 23.59 on Monday 13th September 2021.
  3. 3.            To enter through Facebook, entrants must comment their favourite Roald Dahl Book title on the relevant social post on the official Wacky Warehouse Facebook page www.facebook.com/wackywarehouse/.
  4. 4.            One winner will be randomly selected from all correct entries received across Facebook.
  5. 5.            The winner will receive Roald Dahl 16 Book Box Set – Set includes: Matilda, Going Solo, The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me, George's Marvellous Medicine, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Magic Finger, Esio Trot, Boy Tales Of Childhood, Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator, The BFG, The Witches, The Twits, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James And The Giant Peach, Danny The Champion Of The World, Billy And The Minpins
  6. 6.            The winner will be informed of their prize within ten working days following the end of the promotion, unless otherwise specified.
  7. 7.            Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner using the details on entry. However, if a response has not been received within 48 hours, or if the selected winner is ineligible, otherwise in breach of these terms and conditions, or unable to take up the prize for any other reason, the Promoter reserves the right to select an alternative winner using the same process referred to above in these terms and conditions.
  8. 8.            The Promoter accepts no responsibility for failed delivery due to the provision of incorrect contact details by the entrant.
  9. 9.            The terms and conditions of any third-party supplier will also apply to the prize where applicable. If there is a conflict between third-party terms and conditions and these terms and conditions, these shall take precedence.
  10. 10.         The prize is non-transferable and cannot be sold or auctioned. No cash or other alternative to the prize will be offered unless in the event of unforeseen circumstances, in which case the Promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value than the original.
  11. 11.         The winner will receive their prize within 30 working days following the end of the promotion, unless otherwise specified. In any event the prize must be claimed and taken within one year of the closing date.
  12. 12.         The Promoter is required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation in relation to the processing of any personal information obtained from you, including when you take part in this promotion. The Promoter is a member of the Greene King group of companies (the “Group”), and the Group takes the protection of your personal information seriously.
  13. 13.         By entering this promotion, you have provided your personal information (Facebook account name, address, date of birth) to the Promoter, who is the Data Controller. Your personal information will be processed by the Promoter in performing the contract you have entered into with the Promoter by taking part in the promotion. The privacy notice for this promotion can be found below.
  14. 14.         Any personal information collected may be shared with other companies in the Group and will be used for administrative or operational reasons connected with the promotion, including to communicate with you. Your personal information will also be shared with WPR Agency Limited in order that they may administer the promotion, arrange prizes and discuss any specific requirements with the winner on behalf of the Promoter. The Promoter will not pass your personal information outside of the EEA or to any other external organisation without your prior permission.
  15. 15.         Your personal information will be retained for a maximum of four months from the closing date to enable the Promoter to complete administration of the promotion.
  16. 16.         In accordance with the Advertising Standards Authority CAP Code, the Promoter intends to make available the surname and county of any winner. Any winner that objects must notify the Promoter as soon as possible after they are informed that they have won.
  17. 17.         You have the right to object to the processing of personal information and to have inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed. If you have a concern about the way the Promoter is collecting or using your personal data, please raise your concern with the Data Protection Officer in the first instance at dataprotection@greeneking.co.uk. Alternatively, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.
  18. 18.         The Promoter may download cookies to your computer when you log on to the Promoter’s website. For more information about the Promoter’s commitment to your privacy and details of how the Promoter uses cookies, please refer to the Promoter’s Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice at https://www.wackywarehouse.co.uk/privacy  and https://www.wackywarehouse.co.uk/cookies.No bulk, machine-generated consumer group or third-party entries will be accepted. Entries are restricted to one entry per person. In the event of multiple entries being received from the same person or account, only the first entry will be accepted.
  19. 19.         The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, altered or illegible entries. No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed, technical or telecommunications faults. Proof of submitting is not proof of receipt.
  20. 20.         The Promoter reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to verify the winner, including, but not limited to, proof of identity and/or age, as required, and to withdraw a prize where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise where an entrant has gained advantage in participating in the promotion or has won using fraudulent means. 
  21. 21.         The Promoter's decision is binding in all matters relating to this promotion, and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  22. 22.         Owing to exceptional circumstances outside its reasonable control and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these terms and conditions at any time, but will always endeavour to minimise the effect to participants in order to avoid undue disappointment.
  23. 23.         To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter accepts no liability for any damage, loss or injury suffered (including loss of opportunity) whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way due to entering this promotion or taking up a prize. The Promoter is not responsible for any third-party acts or omissions.
  24. 24.         Entrants will retain ownership of any content, submissions and other material they submit as part of this promotion. However, entrants grant the Promoter (and its agents and affiliates) a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to use any such content, submissions and other material for the purposes of this promotion.
  25. 25.         The winner may be asked to take part in publicity relating to this promotion, but this will be discussed with the winner before taking place.
  26. 26.         By entering this promotion entrants will be deemed to have accepted, and will be bound by, these terms and conditions.
  27. 27.         These terms and conditions (and any non-contractual disputes/claims which arise out of or in connection with them) will be governed by English law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  28. 28.         The Promoter reminds anyone entering this promotion to drink responsibly. Please visit www.greeneking.co.uk/enjoy-responsibly for the facts.
  29. 29.         This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to the Promoter. By participating in this promotion, you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any claims.
  30. 30.         This promotion is subject to Facebook’s terms and conditions, which can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms/update?ref=old_policy
  31. 31.         Promoter: Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited, Sunrise House, Ninth Avenue, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3JZ.